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Are you looking for a simple and inexpensive way to increase employee productivity and morale?

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Offering your employees an upscale coffee experience inside your office goes a long way to establishing an efficient and creative organization. Staff motivation, should be part of your business plan. Exceptional office coffee is not only a valuable employee benefit, but it is also a valuable employer benefit as well. We at Cardinal Coffee Systems should know. We’ve been offering a solution for managers looking to provide employees with the perk of fresh gourmet coffee since 1998.

Increase employee morale with small perks

Three out of five (61%) employed Americans feel more motivated to do their best work when their employer provides small perks in the office. Nearly half agree that they feel more valued as employees when their employer provides certain perks such as fresh gourmet coffee and/or tea.

Increase employee benefits by putting money back in their pockets

Employed Americans spend an average of $7 per week (+ $360 per year) on coffee and/or tea outside of their workplace. Nearly half of employees surveyed reported that they wish to cut back their spending on coffee and tea in 2010 (outside of the office).

20205297a6744dc2b0db2b155f47b3ebIncrease productivity – and your bottom line

More than 3 out of 4 employed adults spend time outside of their office purchasing coffee or tea.

The average amount of time spent purchasing coffee/tea per day is 10 minutes – that’s over 40 hours per year per employee.

Almost two out of three (62%) spend up to 15 minutes per day purchasing coffee/tea. For an office of 25 people, that’s over 20 hours of lost productivity each week!

Average time spent purchasing coffee/tea is highest among 18-34 year olds, who take 3+ minutes longer.

Including Keurig Commercial Brewing Systems as part of your employee morale and productivity plan will not only help benefit your staff, but will help improve your bottom line by keeping employees in the office, happy and motivated.

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